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Holiday order deadlines for 2010

Holiday order deadlines for 2010 are:

Valentines Day 02/14 – Deadline 01/15, Will ship no later than 02/05

Little Whimsy will be closed from 02/09-02/20 for vacation.  Orders placed during this time will begin processing upon return.  Orders placed after 02/01 will not ship until after 02/20.

Mother’s Day 05/09 – Deadline 04/15, Will ship no later than 05/03

Pre Christmas – Arrival by 12/07 – Deadline 11/01, Will ship no later than 12/01
Christmas 12/25 – Deadline 12/01, Will ship no later than 12/17
(any order placed after 11/02 on may ship as late as 12/17)

For an item to be considered in before the deadline it must be paid for AND images submitted. There is no guarantee an item will ship on time if images are submitted AFTER the deadline even if payment was made prior to.

International customers please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping.  Adjust your deadlines accordingly.  Dates reflected are for the United States only.

Orders placed after 12:00:01 AM EST December 2, 2010 will not begin being processed until December 28, 2009.  Orders in before the holiday cut off will be processed and shipped as noted above.

Little Whimsy 2009 Policy Updates

In 2009 we experienced tremendous growth, and with that we’re making some changes to continue to move forward at this fantastic rate.  These changes will make order updates easier for you to track on your end and streamline the process on the production side.

Order Status Updates:
Our first exciting change is to the order status updates.  Previously upon payment (unless by e-check) your order status would update to “In Production”.  We’ve now added in new statuses to reflect the actual state of the order.
1.    Payment received – The 1st and default status (unless paid by e-check) once an order is placed.
2.    Images Received/Verified – Previously you received an auto responder message when images were sent, which indicated images (or something) made it to the right server.  Now once we open and verify the images are actually received and line up with your order we will update that they have been received and verified.
3.    In Production – This status indicates that your order is now in the process of being made.
4.    Shipped – Your order has now shipped.  You will also receive an email to the Paypal address used for payment with the tracking information.  International shipments will have tracking information updated with the order status update on the web.
Because option 2 & 3 are a manual process there may be a small delay from the time the action happens to the time it is updated on the web, however most should occur with 24 hours.

Shipping Updates:
UPS – We’ve added the option for you to upgrade to UPS 2nd day air shipping.  The rates charged are the actual UPS rates which are higher than USPS, but in some circumstances this may be a better alternative for those who prefer a private carrier service over USPS.

USPS – Flat Rate ($15.00 expedited/overnight delivery) is still a shipping option along with Priority Mail shipping which is typically 2-3 day service.  This year all packages were shipped by their guaranteed ship date, however some did take longer than the 2-3 days Priority Mail typically takes due to adverse weather across the country.  Everything arrived before Christmas which was great, but if you’re ordering on a tight deadline upgrading shipping is something to consider.

Holiday Deadlines:
Our 2009 Holiday order deadlines have been updated and are maintained on the web.

For 2009 we’ve instituted a dual Christmas deadline.  The first deadline is for items needing to be received in early December and our standard December 1st deadline for items to ship by December 17th.  Please understand that items ordered in late November will most likely ship close to the 12/17 deadline and not follow the standard 2-3 week turn around, so if clients need items for early December you will want to encourage them to order in advance.

Finally, the Photo Magnet!

As I mentioned in an earlier post photo magnets are coming soon.  I’m hoping to get them on the site tonight, but wanted to share what they will look like.  Here’s one I prototyped and included with a recent clients order.

This is shown next to the 3″ balsa ornament so you have a size comparison.  The magnets are 2″ square and feature a full backed magnet for a sleek design and extra stregnth.  They are manufactured the same way the photo ornaments are, except we’ve chosen bass wood for these since it’s a nice light weight hardwood.  This will sure be anyones favorite item to leave front and center in the most visable area of the house!

Long Time No Post

Well it’s been a crazy few months here at Little Whimsy, which is fantastic!  I’m also thrilled to report that we are moving orders through right on time and even a bit ahead of schedule thanks to some improvements to our drying racks, so holiday orders are moving along nice and quick!

Speaking of holiday orders, don’t forget the deadline is Monday December 1st, that means orders and images submitted.  A note about that day… it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving (gobble gobble!) so if you or your clients will be away that weekend you may want to get those orders in before you head out.  Any orders placed from December 2nd through December 27th will NOT begin production until December 28th.  I’ll be on vacation from the time my last orders ship (and I see them arrive safely) until the 27th spending some much deserved time with the family.  🙂

Hope you are all having a wonderful season so far!

Holiday Collection Gift Set – The Ideal Marketing Kit

I’ve gone ahead and put together a special package for photographers made up of the top holiday gifting items.  Make your studio a one stop shop for your clients, and help them complete their holiday shopping.

Not sure what to get for grandma?  A bookmark would be perfect.  How about a proud aunt?  Our amazing panoramic key ring!  Speaking of key rings, grab one for dad while your at it, and don’t forget a pendant for mom!  For everyone else on the list, our maple holiday ornament would be the perfect family gift.  See how easy that was?

The best part about your clients giving a photo gift (or purchasing it for themselves)… they are constantly reminded about YOUR great service and talk up YOUR studio.  It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Included in this collection:

  • Our top selling 20mm pendant with your choice of a rubber or leather necklace.
  • Two maple 2.5″ ornaments, one each in mahogany and ebony tone.
  • Our brand new panoramic key ring in your choice of silver or gold tone.  Includes an extra ring to customize your style.
  • Classic bookmark with crystal, pearl, and gemstone accents, in your choice of silver or gold tones.

This collection if purchased separately retails for $220.00.  For a limited time we’re offering this great collection for $175.00! Don’t forget, if your one of the photographers in our wholesale program your discount still applies! Be sure to grab this before it’s gone so you can have it to show for your September & October sessions.

This collection is available starting August 9th and for a limited time.  Order early if you would like this for your September sessions.

Spiffy New Website!

After a year of hemming and hawing about exactly what to do for the website revamp, the time has come. The new Little Whimsy can be seen at, same link, sleek new look! Here’s what excites me about the new site:

  • My wholesale clients can now register and their discount will be automatic without any codes to remember.
  • I can issue coupons for events, specials, or what ever and my retail and wholesale clients can use them.
  • A permanent shopping cart so if you need to leave for a few to check with a client before you order, you won’t come back to an empty cart.
  • Product notifications – If you want you can be automatically notified of updates to products like sales, price changes, etc.
  • Streamlined shopping, international shipping, and just a better all round experience.
  • And from the merchandising side, it’s a whole lot easier for me to add new products and new categories without having to completely re vamp the website.

As a added incentive for those on my newsletter list, I sent a registration link a few days ago for a peek at the new site and the opportunity to register early and receive a $5 off coupon. I’m posting today on the blog to open that up to everyone, BUT, you must register by end of day Tuesday July 15th to receive that coupon. To register visit the website and then click log in > create account at the top of the page. If your a professional photographer, be sure to follow the instructions on the contact us page to have your account converted over to wholesale.

That’s enough rambling for today… I’m off to make some tiles. Please drop a line and let me know what YOU think of the new website. 🙂

A few recent gems

I haven’t updated in a while, it’s been pretty crazy here.  We’ve had end of the year activities for school (only 68 more days till the kids go back – but who’s counting 🙂 ) and no late Spring lull like I was expecting.  I’m not complaining, I LOVE my clients and business, but thought I may have a few weeks of down time before we all kick into holiday planning and no such luck this year.  Woot!

Anyhow I wanted to take a moment and post a few of my beauties from the past few weeks.  I’m gonna skip all of the same old same old and just show off four pieces that I really really loved.

This one here is Fiesta (ya’ll know how much I love that piece, right?) but kicked up a bit with some added blues to make the (amazing!) image pop.

Then I had one of my regulars request a custom piece that I have pondered for a while.  She requested a choker with the photo tile on the strand vs. dangling down.  The challenge, we wanted to do some red, white, and lots of blue, wonderful colors but a challenge to not look too “patriotic”.  I focused a bit more on the deeper blues to really pop the denim in the image and then used rich garnet to highlight the red in the brick wall.  I think it came out stunning!

And what’s really cool is the reverse of her image is B&W so I even added a hint of black to it so when she wears her choker reversed it looks like a completely different piece.

And here’s one that I made for me.  Well maybe not for ME but for my son’s kindergarten teacher as an end of year gift.  I had him draw a picture of how he sees her and I then took a picture of it and we made a card and key ring out of it.  We also did this for my middle guys preschool teacher.  I think they came out ADORABLE and what a great way to capture a moment in time when a photograph might not be available.

And the last piece for today is this stunning Double Swarovski Y.  Can you say purty?

E-mail Update

For those trying to reach me with hotmail or msn email addresses I have not been able to reply from any of my accounts, there may be other related sites too, I’m not sure but those two I have been receiving bounces from.  I’m working on it, but if your on ILP feel free to PM me through there if your trying to get to me.  My user name there is Little Whimsy.

Reminder – Last day to order for guranteed Mother’s Day delivery

Title says it all. Today (April 10th) is the final day to order for guaranteed Mother’s Day delivery. Items ordered by end of day today will ship no later than May 1st vis USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day service in the US). Items ordered after today will be processed as usual and may still make it in time, but there are no guarantees. Please plan accordingly. 🙂

I will also be out of town all day Saturday April 12th, so emails received Friday evening through Sunday morning will not be responded to until late in the day on Sunday.

I’ve joined the dark side

So I have finally decided to join the dark side and venture into the world of blogging. I’ve had the question of why don’t you blog asked far too many times, and honestly it’s because I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with yet another thing on top of my already hectic schedule, but hey, I’m going to give it a try!

I plan on using this blog to post client sneak peeks, new product launches, and maybe even a quick special now and again. Be sure to check back often, you never know what you’ll come across!