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Announcing our Jewelry Buying Guide

Little Whimsy is ringing in 2009 with a guide to simplify your jewelry
shopping experience.  Many times we are asked what the difference is in
sizes when compared side by side, or for a better visual on a bail, or a
clearer representation of jeweling styles.  We’ve spelled it all out in an
easy to read at a glance guide.  Our Jewelry Buying Guide can be found at on the left under important links.

A printable version can also be downloaded by clicking here.
*tip*  Print out on standard sized paper (8.5×11) and the tiles will be
representative of their actual size.


Coming Soon – Ribbon Necklaces & Photo Magnets!

I’m tickled pink to announce that just in time for the holidays we have 2 new products that will be launching.

First one is a double stranded ribbon necklace with sterling lobster clasp.  We will have these available in black, brown, and pink starting November 1st.

Here it is in pink with a 20mm x 30mm simple couture pendant:

And here it is in black with a 30mm x 20mm funky couture pendant.

The next item (which I’ll have to upload a picture for later) is our photo magnet!  They will each be 2″ x 2″ in size, manufactured on bass wood (a hard wood version of our balsa ornament) and will feature a full bleed magnet backing.  The photo magnets will retail for $20 each and make FANTASTIC client gifts!  A perfect trinket they will leave up year round in the most focal point of thier home.  😉  The magnets will come individually packaged in our tulle silver and white pouch that coordinate with our ornament packaging.

Simplicity – new product preview & blog only special

Launching next month will be a new product line called Simplicity.

Simplicity features a dual strand of beautiful gemstone accented by a sterling box clasp and sterling bail. At launch it will be available in several colors including onyx (shown), coral, garnet, turquoise, tiger eye, cobalt blue, white jade and possibly a few others. 🙂  Simplicity will retail for $200 and includes either a 30mm x 30mm or 20mm x 30mm couture pendant in your choice of orientation (vertical or horizontal).

This item will not be listed on the website until early/mid June, however if you are interested in ordering a piece ahead of time you can email me at info @ littlewhimsy (dot) com and I can accept it as a custom order. As an added bonus, mention you saw it on the blog and I’ll throw in an extra 10% discount. The additional discount expires May 20th, so for those of you who check in on me regularly it’s a special little gift for you!

Cute X 4!

Another handful shipped today for some bonus Mother’s Day arrivals.  Lots more going out tomorrow, stay tuned and watch your emails used for payment for your tracking id’s.

Here’s a group of cuties on a 30×20 couture pendant.   This one was done up “Royale” which is kinda fun.

Fiesta, Midnight, and a funky triple

Here are some beauties going out today.  First up is Fiesta with a rockin’ image, what a perfect choice for this necklace!  If you look really close it looks like the little girl has on a little fiesta of her own.  🙂

Next here’s a classic… Midnight with a gorgeous B&W pendant.  You just can’t go wrong with this classic pairing.

And this one was kind of funky.  The client wanted a triple pendant, but her images were in various orientations.  The end result was a triple with 2 squares and a vertical rectangle… I’m sensing the start of a new trend!

Crazy week & a few sneak peeks

With the impending Mother’s Day ship deadline looming, I haven’t had much time to post this past week.   I’ve been focusing on packing up orders to get them out the door but I did take a moment and snap a few pictures so I wanted to share them with you.

This one was fun with some great colors for Spring. The pink necklace was a perfect compliment to finish off the piece.

And here’s a peek at a 16mm pendant complimented by Royale jewelling. This image made me smile when I first opened it because my dd has this same hat!

Here’s another 16mm with Royale jewelling, complimented by a sterling necklace. There’s just something about this one that I just love!

I also got swamped with a bunch of triple pendants. There was a period of a few hours a week or so ago where several poured in, here’s a peek at one of them.

Something to keep in mind… when you order funky jewelling think about requesting a custom color. Typically I will just do black, or ask if I think something may look a little better, so I wanted a share this example of an earthy option complete with brown necklace. Aren’t the earthy tones beautiful?

Here’ the last one for now. I seem to get a lot of questions about how the Mother of Pearl Drop bracelet would look with multiple images. This item looks just as fabulous with one tile as it does with seven. Here’s an example of the bracelet with five.

Ok break time is over and it’s time to get back to work to beat that Thursday deadline!

Special gift for a mom

This is for a clients friends mother as a special birthday gift. I’m guessing this image is of multiple generations and near and dear to the recipients heart. She is going to be beside herself with joy when she receives this, it’s simply beautiful.