About Me

Hi, I’m Cariann and the owner and designer at Little Whimsy. Here’s a little bit about my background and what got me to where I am today. I have a passion for modern art, vibrant colors, unique designs, and my background training is as a Commercial Artist. I worked for 14 years in retail, mostly in store management but my last few years I went corporate and experienced life as a buyer. I love retail, the customers, the merchandising, as a buyer developing product assortments and inventory control. All around it was a great experience and one I cherish as it provided me the fundamentals needed to run my own business.

Little Whimsy was born out of a love for art and photography. As a mom of 3 who had a strong desire to stay home with my kids, I decided to bring my skills as an artist and my love for color and design together to create handcrafted pieces of art. Knowing that there are other merchants out there who had a similar concept I needed a niche, and discovered working with gemstones and Mother of Pearl not only gave me a unique edge, but created handcrafted jewelry that is beautiful, durable, and begs to be worn every day!


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