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Announcing Uniques!

I have a confession to make, I am a shop-a-holic.  Not only for myself, but for my business.  I am always out sourcing new materials and really funky beads to work with and I can’t not buy something when it screams to be worked with.  The issue at hand is how do you know what I have without me posting thousands of pictures of beads, which for me would be thrilling, but lets face it, I don’t think YOU would really want to look through everything.  After all, how many versions of an 8mm black round bead can one person have (17 if you really want to know).

So without further ado Little Whimsy is thrilled to announce Uniques.  A line of one of a kind pieces made as the mood strikes from my many beads on hand.  Each piece is crafted with the same love and care, selecting each bead one by one for it’s beauty and flow in the final piece.  Uniques can be resized free of charge, plus or minus one inch.

Here are just a few that we’re launching with:

Onyx Crush Bracelet – Stunning black onyx surrounded by Bali sterling accents, a match made in heaven.

Copper Dream Bracelet – Gorgeous antiqued Bali inspired copper paired with rich black onyx.  A stunning combination!

Pretty In Pink Bracelet – Fresh and bright, perfect for Spring!  Frosted pink glass nuggets are brought to life by bright AB fire polished crystals and high polish sterling silver accents.

Chocolate Turquoise Bracelet – What could be more delightful than a blend of creamy chocolate and vibrant turquoise?  Our chocolate turquoise bracelet shows off the beauty of these amazing beads and is chock full of sterling silver accents.

Uniques are ready for immediate shipping as is, or add a photo charm for your own personal twist (additional production time required if adding a photo tile).  Since each piece is a one of a kind creation, pieces are limited to the quantities on hand.

Check our selection of Uniques often to see what’s new!

A peek for Holiday 2009 !!

Yes I know, we’re JUST getting over the wrath of Christmas 2008, but I had to share something I know will be a huge hit for Christmas 2009.  a 40mm Mother of Pearl Christmas ornament.

What a beatuful gift it would make for Christenings, Weddings, Anniversaries, or just capturing those everyday moments we love to look back on year after year.

We haven’t yet posted it on the website, but I will get to that soon.  I just wanted to share a peek because it’s a beauty and I know you will all be as excited about it as I am.

Retail will be $40.00.

Announcing our Jewelry Buying Guide

Little Whimsy is ringing in 2009 with a guide to simplify your jewelry
shopping experience.  Many times we are asked what the difference is in
sizes when compared side by side, or for a better visual on a bail, or a
clearer representation of jeweling styles.  We’ve spelled it all out in an
easy to read at a glance guide.  Our Jewelry Buying Guide can be found at on the left under important links.

A printable version can also be downloaded by clicking here.
*tip*  Print out on standard sized paper (8.5×11) and the tiles will be
representative of their actual size.

Little Whimsy 2009 Policy Updates

In 2009 we experienced tremendous growth, and with that we’re making some changes to continue to move forward at this fantastic rate.  These changes will make order updates easier for you to track on your end and streamline the process on the production side.

Order Status Updates:
Our first exciting change is to the order status updates.  Previously upon payment (unless by e-check) your order status would update to “In Production”.  We’ve now added in new statuses to reflect the actual state of the order.
1.    Payment received – The 1st and default status (unless paid by e-check) once an order is placed.
2.    Images Received/Verified – Previously you received an auto responder message when images were sent, which indicated images (or something) made it to the right server.  Now once we open and verify the images are actually received and line up with your order we will update that they have been received and verified.
3.    In Production – This status indicates that your order is now in the process of being made.
4.    Shipped – Your order has now shipped.  You will also receive an email to the Paypal address used for payment with the tracking information.  International shipments will have tracking information updated with the order status update on the web.
Because option 2 & 3 are a manual process there may be a small delay from the time the action happens to the time it is updated on the web, however most should occur with 24 hours.

Shipping Updates:
UPS – We’ve added the option for you to upgrade to UPS 2nd day air shipping.  The rates charged are the actual UPS rates which are higher than USPS, but in some circumstances this may be a better alternative for those who prefer a private carrier service over USPS.

USPS – Flat Rate ($15.00 expedited/overnight delivery) is still a shipping option along with Priority Mail shipping which is typically 2-3 day service.  This year all packages were shipped by their guaranteed ship date, however some did take longer than the 2-3 days Priority Mail typically takes due to adverse weather across the country.  Everything arrived before Christmas which was great, but if you’re ordering on a tight deadline upgrading shipping is something to consider.

Holiday Deadlines:
Our 2009 Holiday order deadlines have been updated and are maintained on the web.

For 2009 we’ve instituted a dual Christmas deadline.  The first deadline is for items needing to be received in early December and our standard December 1st deadline for items to ship by December 17th.  Please understand that items ordered in late November will most likely ship close to the 12/17 deadline and not follow the standard 2-3 week turn around, so if clients need items for early December you will want to encourage them to order in advance.