Monthly Archives: July 2008

The Mijito Bookmark

Ahh. The colors in this one just make me want to sit under a palm tree somewhere with a mojito and relax. Amazing how a simple picture can lift the spirits and let the mind wander even though reality is hanging out at home with all the kids off for summer break, LOL! Anyhow, ain’t she a beauty?

mojito bookmark

Now that I am back from la la land, here’s something noteworthy about this piece. The photo tile shown is a brand new size you’ll see on the website really soon. It’s a 15mm x 20mm vertical Mother of Pearl tile. Just a little bit bigger than the 13mm x 18mm we have right now, and that little bit makes a huge difference. Love it!

Spiffy New Website!

After a year of hemming and hawing about exactly what to do for the website revamp, the time has come. The new Little Whimsy can be seen at, same link, sleek new look! Here’s what excites me about the new site:

  • My wholesale clients can now register and their discount will be automatic without any codes to remember.
  • I can issue coupons for events, specials, or what ever and my retail and wholesale clients can use them.
  • A permanent shopping cart so if you need to leave for a few to check with a client before you order, you won’t come back to an empty cart.
  • Product notifications – If you want you can be automatically notified of updates to products like sales, price changes, etc.
  • Streamlined shopping, international shipping, and just a better all round experience.
  • And from the merchandising side, it’s a whole lot easier for me to add new products and new categories without having to completely re vamp the website.

As a added incentive for those on my newsletter list, I sent a registration link a few days ago for a peek at the new site and the opportunity to register early and receive a $5 off coupon. I’m posting today on the blog to open that up to everyone, BUT, you must register by end of day Tuesday July 15th to receive that coupon. To register visit the website and then click log in > create account at the top of the page. If your a professional photographer, be sure to follow the instructions on the contact us page to have your account converted over to wholesale.

That’s enough rambling for today… I’m off to make some tiles. Please drop a line and let me know what YOU think of the new website. 🙂