Monthly Archives: June 2008

A few recent gems

I haven’t updated in a while, it’s been pretty crazy here.  We’ve had end of the year activities for school (only 68 more days till the kids go back – but who’s counting 🙂 ) and no late Spring lull like I was expecting.  I’m not complaining, I LOVE my clients and business, but thought I may have a few weeks of down time before we all kick into holiday planning and no such luck this year.  Woot!

Anyhow I wanted to take a moment and post a few of my beauties from the past few weeks.  I’m gonna skip all of the same old same old and just show off four pieces that I really really loved.

This one here is Fiesta (ya’ll know how much I love that piece, right?) but kicked up a bit with some added blues to make the (amazing!) image pop.

Then I had one of my regulars request a custom piece that I have pondered for a while.  She requested a choker with the photo tile on the strand vs. dangling down.  The challenge, we wanted to do some red, white, and lots of blue, wonderful colors but a challenge to not look too “patriotic”.  I focused a bit more on the deeper blues to really pop the denim in the image and then used rich garnet to highlight the red in the brick wall.  I think it came out stunning!

And what’s really cool is the reverse of her image is B&W so I even added a hint of black to it so when she wears her choker reversed it looks like a completely different piece.

And here’s one that I made for me.  Well maybe not for ME but for my son’s kindergarten teacher as an end of year gift.  I had him draw a picture of how he sees her and I then took a picture of it and we made a card and key ring out of it.  We also did this for my middle guys preschool teacher.  I think they came out ADORABLE and what a great way to capture a moment in time when a photograph might not be available.

And the last piece for today is this stunning Double Swarovski Y.  Can you say purty?

E-mail Update

For those trying to reach me with hotmail or msn email addresses I have not been able to reply from any of my accounts, there may be other related sites too, I’m not sure but those two I have been receiving bounces from.  I’m working on it, but if your on ILP feel free to PM me through there if your trying to get to me.  My user name there is Little Whimsy.