Monthly Archives: April 2008

Crazy week & a few sneak peeks

With the impending Mother’s Day ship deadline looming, I haven’t had much time to post this past week.   I’ve been focusing on packing up orders to get them out the door but I did take a moment and snap a few pictures so I wanted to share them with you.

This one was fun with some great colors for Spring. The pink necklace was a perfect compliment to finish off the piece.

And here’s a peek at a 16mm pendant complimented by Royale jewelling. This image made me smile when I first opened it because my dd has this same hat!

Here’s another 16mm with Royale jewelling, complimented by a sterling necklace. There’s just something about this one that I just love!

I also got swamped with a bunch of triple pendants. There was a period of a few hours a week or so ago where several poured in, here’s a peek at one of them.

Something to keep in mind… when you order funky jewelling think about requesting a custom color. Typically I will just do black, or ask if I think something may look a little better, so I wanted a share this example of an earthy option complete with brown necklace. Aren’t the earthy tones beautiful?

Here’ the last one for now. I seem to get a lot of questions about how the Mother of Pearl Drop bracelet would look with multiple images. This item looks just as fabulous with one tile as it does with seven. Here’s an example of the bracelet with five.

Ok break time is over and it’s time to get back to work to beat that Thursday deadline!


Special gift for a mom

This is for a clients friends mother as a special birthday gift. I’m guessing this image is of multiple generations and near and dear to the recipients heart. She is going to be beside herself with joy when she receives this, it’s simply beautiful.

Custom Sterling Key Ring

Here’s something not on the website, but a request from a special client. She was looking for an all sterling key ring with a sterling key fob so of course I had to take on the challenge. We worked together to create just the right piece for her client and here’s the result…

So what do you think?

Simply delicious!

Here’s another custom from one of my regular clients (see the princess post). This one we made special, a bit longer than normal as a solid loop so it can go right over her clients head. The colors are to die for! Someone I couldn’t help showing it off to said it reminded her of minestrone soup. Simply delicious!

Reminder – Last day to order for guranteed Mother’s Day delivery

Title says it all. Today (April 10th) is the final day to order for guaranteed Mother’s Day delivery. Items ordered by end of day today will ship no later than May 1st vis USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day service in the US). Items ordered after today will be processed as usual and may still make it in time, but there are no guarantees. Please plan accordingly. 🙂

I will also be out of town all day Saturday April 12th, so emails received Friday evening through Sunday morning will not be responded to until late in the day on Sunday.

Vertical Triple Pendant

This one has a slight twist on my typical triple pendant. L wanted to use vertical images vs. the traditional squares… I’m kinda diggin’ it.

Two Princesses

This one’s for L, a beautiful pendant of 2 princesses she photographed.

Maybe I’m showing my age (although I think it’s my lack of sleep) but I can’t stop singing “Two Princes” from the Spin Doctors every time I look at it.  Ahh, I digress…